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  1. Isaac A

    Watching this made me feel better about my mechanical skill on console

  2. Eli Dawkins

    When Yaki is playing he looks like an anime character about to go insane ngl

  3. Vatsal

    Now do art of the Voice Line and art of the Emote

  4. Brian Nelson


  5. Angela Tompkins

    Downvoted for lack of pachimaris.

  6. S85B50 Engine

    2:56 Peter Mattei doing Largo al Factotum (Il Barbiere di Siviglia). Nice

  7. NekoKanky

    Best spray is Winston's baby face.

  8. candlelarbra5212


  9. wow ItsPortal

    3:05 ark why do you still have the Nyxl spray on

  10. Pilot

    Still waiting for OW2...

  11. Connor Brennan

    Good god king Super those men had families

  12. Krystal Haug

    Plz let Bren do this instead

  13. Randmbloke

    thank you overwatch league, thank you.

  14. thera

    Can we get more of this kind of video? It's really fun to watch!

  15. Scooby Did

    'Let's pretend you're an overwatch league pro player' show's valiant spray